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my_momoka's Journal

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A community dedicated to Ishii Momoka.

▌ About

This is a community dedicated to Ishii Momoka.
It is a place where fans can flail about her adorable-ness in her current drama My Girl and her great chemistry with Aiba Masaki as father-daughter.
Feel free to post interesting stuff and Have Fun!

- My Momoka Moderators

▌ Rules

We only have a few rules here so please follow them in order to have a great time =)
1. Please be nice to each other, no trolling or bashing. If caught you will be removed as a member.
2. Use the tags
3. credit your sources when posting
4. Check our posts before posting something to avoid reposts
5. keep pictures in the picture perfect post below 500x500 pix or use thumbnails
6. most importantly... Stay active!

profle by okimiyage